What Is Web Hosting Bandwidth? How Much Do You Need?

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting

Bandwidth is very familiar to people who use the internet regularly. Probably, it is the most confusing word in the hosting world. Most of the people make fault thinking Bandwidth as the measurement of internet speed. In computing technology, Bandwidth is defined as the rate of transferring data in every second. We can also describe Bandwidth with the data transfer rate. If you want to express in one word, then how much bit data is transmitted in every second, this term is called Bandwidth. For example, 8 Mbit/s (8Mbps), which can transfer to 8 million bits per second.

In this post, we will take away all the puzzlement about web hosting bandwidth and also some myths about this term. For breaking the jot stay with me till the end. Surely, I will not take more than 1 minute.

What Is Web Hosting Bandwidth?

In computer technology, bandwidth refers to the rate transferring of data per second or every single time. Generally, this bandwidth is calculated as BPS (bit per second). That means the amount of bit data transfers per second is bandwidth. And the hosting bandwidth is the amount of data transfer per computer in every single time on a computer from every user (who will be browsing your site).

Bandwidth refers to the rate of transferring of data per second or every single time.

Bandwidth connections can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical which determine the data capacity, can be equal or not equal on download and upload directions. Considering the bandwidth amount, it will be capable to send or receive more data at a time. We can compare bandwidth with the water pipe. The amount of water can flow depending on the size of the water pipe. If the size of the pipe tube increased, it could flow more water. Bandwidth works following similar rules. It will determine web site speed and performance.

All About Bandwidth SpeedHost

If your website is very popular and gets millions of visitor daily, you will need a hosting plan with higher bandwidth. Otherwise, the website will be unavailable for “Bandwidth Limit.” In this case, according to your visitors and page size, you should choose a perfect plan.

How Much Bandwidth Do I Need?

If you have less bandwidth, it will take more time to load your website. Similarly, if you get more visitors, it will reach the maximum bandwidth and ultimately your website will be unavailable.

If you run a small website with a few pages, it may not be a concern about Bandwidth limit. But if you maintain a website with thousands of pages, it needs to determine the right web hosting package with sufficient bandwidth.

Though it is not an easy task to explain the need for Bandwidth of you. But there is a formula to get the ideas. When you will multiply the below factors you can determine how much bandwidth you need.

  • Average visitors in a day
  • The average page size of your webpage in kilobytes
  • Average page visited by each visitors in a day
  • 30/31 days in a month

If you have any files (PDF, Images, Videos or Similar Files) that needs to download from your website, then it also needs to multiply the below matters from the above point.

  • The average number of Download in a day
  • The Average File Size The visitors are downloading

When you will multiply the above point, you will get the idea of your needed bandwidth in kilobytes. Surely, you need to divide the number with 1,000,000 to see the bandwidth you need in Gigabytes.

N.B: We, at SpeedHost, always recommend multiplying with 1.5 to keep some additional space and free room for functioning your web page perfectly.

What is Unlimited Bandwidth?

As described, many providers use in their package as Unlimited Bandwidth. In general, there is noting Unlimited in the Hosting World. There are always limitation and some burden on the package. The words mostly go with “Unmetered” and popular hosting providers use it also.

In some cases, the Unlimited is a marketing tactic, which is not a good practice at all. Even some of the cheap providers do not know about this. Anyway, I will not mention any company here who are doing the same fault, only say, there is nothing unlimited in the hosting world. It can be unmetered or a specific amount which will truly meet the needs of the customers. Again, it is not possible to provide Unlimited Bandwidth by any hosting providers, it is one kind of marketing locution in the hosting world but needs to change, need to use any other tactics.

How do I calculate Bandwidth?

You can calculate the Bandwidth you need in a month easily following the below formula.

Bandwidth Calculation In A Month ={Average visitors in a day x The average page size of your webpage in kilobytes x Average page visited by each visitors in a day) + (The average number of Download in a day x The Average File Size The visitors are downloading)} x 30/31 Days x 1.5 Extra room in the space.

Hope you can calculate the bandwidth you will need now.

Why is Bandwidth Important for a Website?

Although we provide more attention to disk space, it is also very essential the amount of Bandwidth for faster loading and speed of a website. As Bandwidth is related to a higher speed, your website will be slower without sufficient Bandwidth. According to Google, a slower website is not good for ranking as well as the conversion rate is also not satisfiable. On the other hand, it creates a bad reputation for your brand. Important to realize, a website with good bandwidth can load a complex dynamic page very fastly, which is important for increasing your sales as well as getting higher engagement.

How Do I Increase Bandwidth?

When your website gets an increasing amount of visitors and if they visit more than one page with the larger size in your website, it may limit your bandwidth within the month. Then the visitors will unable to visit your website. It will show a message as bandwidth limit exceeded on the desired website or similar types of message. Even it may show an error page. As an owner of the website, if it happens with you, it needs to contact with your hosting providers to increase the bandwidth limit. Considering the stats or visitors, the providers will suggest migrating the package or any other comparable solution. Hope it will solve the sudden Bandwidth issues and increasing the Bandwidth limit as well.

How can I reduce bandwidth usage?

It is possible to reduce the bandwidth usage on your website. With the small size of the webpage, you can reduce the use of bandwidth. Accordingly, you can follow the below steps.

  • Use optimize images (Less than 100 Kilobytes) and videos for decreasing the page size.
  • Compressed the source code, CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Reduce the use of third-party images, links, and ads.

The ultimate goal will be keeping the webpage lightweight.

Does Bandwidth Matter?

Yes! Bandwidth plays a vital role in increasing page speed. So, when choosing a web host consider the bandwidth. According to your plan with your website, make it fast loading with available bandwidth. You can check SpeedHost for affordable and fast speed advanced web hosting with unmetered bandwidth.